Google’s self-driving car witnesses people playing frogger, chasing ducks

Google has been the witness of one too many creeps and people doing weird stuff and they’ve caught them on camera with Street View sometimes. Now, it turns out that even the self-driving cars witnessed one or two odd… ducks.

google self driving car incidents duck woman

In the monthly report regarding the autonomous vehicle project Google posted a link that reveals the odd behavior seen around its car. One of the incidents involved a woman in an electric wheelchair chasing a duck in an intersection with a broom. It was all caught by cameras and sensors on the self driving car. The car was able to sense the “anomaly” and slowed down to let the “chase” pass.

Other anomalies detected saw people playing frogger with the car and the Google officials even showed a video of people hopping across a road around a Google car. In Austin something crazy happened, as some random guy rolled on the hood and then ran away. Vehicles were also seen driving the wrong way to spite the Google car, in a series of hilarious pranks.

Some crazy examples are mentioned in the video below.


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