China bans tests of self driving cars, at least for a while

As things become more and more uncertain in the area of self driving cars and future regulations, China seems to adopt a firm stance on the matter. They’ve just banned all autonomous car testing in the country, until new regulations are in place.

china bans self driving tests

The auto industry and regulators are working with the local police to create a new set of rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles. Car makers have been told to keep the self driving rides off the road until everything falls into place. Ever since the fatal Tesla Model S crash from May self driving cars have been getting a bad rep all over the world.

Germany wants black boxes on cars and lobby groups in USA are going crazy trying to get improved regulations. Chinese authorities have already perfected the first drafts of the regulations and once everything is done, tests can resume. BMW is already testing self driving cars in China for a while, with Volvo also negotiating, while Baidu completed at the end of 2015 a battery of tests on mixed roads under various environmental conditions.

Keep in mind that right now we’re at semi autonomous level and there’s no totally autonomous car available commercially.

via Bloomberg

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