Apple appoints Mac man Bob Mansfield as head of Project Titan car segment

Apple is doing some internal shuffling these days, as it decided to move Bob Mansfield from the Mac and iPad area to Project Titan, associated with the Apple Car project. Bob has an interesting history with Apple, detailed after the break.

bob mansfield apple project titan

He kind of left the company in 2013 and made a partial return after Apple insisted to keep him, helping create the Apple Watch in the process. Now he’s been moved to Project Titan, where all senior managers will have to report to him. We remember Mansfield as the person to calmly detail some product specs for a few Apple devices like the iPads, iMac and MacBook Air in their official videos.

The Cupertino firm has been poaching Tesla people and other folks from BMW and the likes for years now and recently we found out they were pushing the deadline to deliver their car to 2021. Whatever Apple is doing, it’s bound to be a secret for at least two more years, unless someone forgets an iCar in a bar.

via Engadget

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