Apple said to be focusing more on self driving software, less on electric car

Apple recently drafted an MVP, Dan Dodge, coming from the QNX team from BlackBerry and pictured below. His arrival is apparently linked to Project Titan and has the web abuzz with rumors saying that the Cupertino firm will switch from making an electric car to making self driving software.

apple dan dodge self driving

Dan Dodge was the head of BlackBerry’s automotive software group and came to the company when BB bought QNX in 2010. Dodge is actually a hire made by Bob Mansfield, which we recently reported to be the head of Project Titan, Apple’s car initiative. Bloomberg has it on good authority that these two veterans are turning the ship towards self driving.

Apple is apparently going to only make its car with a partner, a big car maker and focus more on software. QNX worked with big names like Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler, so Dan Dodge has all the connections he needs. The Cupertino firm did come to a stall in discussions with BMW, so they’re out of the picture. Project Titan is now expected to ship a viable product either software or a physical vehicle sometime in the next 5 to 6 years.

So, the target date of 2020 is rather 2021 indeed, as rumored recently. Apple has hundreds of people working on this and Tim Cook is growing anxious to show results to investors. We’ll see how this plays out and what leaks we can score as time goes by.

via Bloomberg

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