Problems for Project Titan? Apple lays off employees working on company’s car

It appears that things aren’t going as planned with Apple’s first car project, aka Project Titan. A series of layoffs and talks about “rebooting” the project are certainly  not a good sign. Hot right now in the news because of the iPhone 7, the Cupertino firm has started laying off people.

apple car problems project titan

Dozens are said to have been fired after working on the company’s self driving tech. A reboot has been confirmed by people close to Apple, but keep in mind that the behemoth never even admitted it was working on a car. Last we heard, Project Titan had on board hundreds of employees and various poached brilliant minds from Tesla and job offers showed us that something was brewing in Cupertino.

Patents for self driving cars were also filed. It was also recently reported that Apple decided to give up on building a full car and focus on technology for a self driving car. We wrote about the appointment of Bob Mansfield to supervise Project Titan in July and the layoffs are said to be part of a strategic shift. Earlier this year Steve Zadesky, former Ford engineer and VP of Product Design left the company, which didn’t sound good at all.

This caused some problems with deadlines and people working below Zadesky were baffled. The Apple Car launch was said to be 2020, but then it was moved to 2021 and now it’s totally uncertain.

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