Uber wants to fly you to the destination; Here’s how!

After getting into the self driving scene, Uber is now going one step further, by flying us places. They’re pioneering inter city transport by researching “short haul flights” using vertical takeoff aircraft.


Speaking with Recode, the head of products at Uber, Jeff Holden said that the service could offer customers more ways to get around. A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) is very much in the picture and although Tesla seems like the likely candidate to do that, it’s Uber that’s working on it. A VTOL has the advantage of not requiring a runway to take flight, but it does need quite a bit of space to operate safely.

Most of the technology will probably be borrowed from the military segment, mainly DARPA, that’s working on a VTOL X-Plane. There’s a ton of regulations to clear and safety corners, but in the distant future everybody may be flying around in his/her own Uber VTOL, enjoying the complementary protein pill or whatever people will be digesting then.

Just don’t let the drones collide with these vehicles though…

via techradar

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