Self driving cars to ride around unmarked to avoid bullying

Remember when people were playing Frogger with Google self driving cars, or diving in front of them? That can be called “self driving car bullying” and in the future this will have to stop if the segment is to evolve. One way of doing that is have the first self driving cars be unmarked.

self driving car bullying

Volvo is among the firms fearing the bullying of their self driving cars in the future. In the UK at least such autonomous vehicles will be unmarked, so other drivers won’t be tempted to tease them. Drunk drivers, people who just want to have a laugh or simple folks who want to test the reactions of a self driving car may become bullies in the future.

To avoid that, the first 100 self driving 4X4 Volvos used in a pilot test in London will be totally incognito. That comes straight from Erik Coelingh, senior technical leader at Volvo Cars. Testing starts in 2018 and from the outside you’ll see a regular 4X4. Such concerns come after a survey published this month by the London School of Economics, showing that aggressive drivers may try to annoy riders in autonomous cars.

The study was carried on 12,000 drivers in 11 countries and found the people to be “combative” versus self driving cars and overtaking them all the time. People cut off such cars, honk their horns at them or suddenly break in front of them, to test their abilities. In an ideal world there should be some etiquette about it, but we’re not in such a world yet…

via The Guardian

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